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From Cllr Julie Jones - 25th August 2020

The Parish Council zoom meetings are now well established and are enabling parish work to continue and move forward. The meetings are open for you to attend and you'd be most welcome. You can join via zoom or you can dial in if you'd prefer. I appreciate some people are a little nervous of these new ways of doing things. If you join a meeting we will say hello and check you can hear us, as we would if we were meeting in person, after that you can just listen in. There is a space on the agenda where we invite members of the community to make council aware of issues should you wish. Why not give it a go!!


Our dedicated police team continue to give us confidence that they are working hard to deal with the anti-social behaviour and other incidents that are happening in the village. There are a couple of ways we can all help them with their endeavours:

  1. Please register with and sign up to receive alerts. The alerts let you know what incidents have happened in the village and help make us aware of what to look out for to both protect ourselves and help the police.
  2. Please report ALL incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour. You can do this by calling 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Please note these recent incidents:

• Southfields Avenue - 17/08/2020 02:15, two suspects disturbed after activating a window alarm on ground floor, suspects described as approx. 16 years old and wearing tracksuits and black hoodies up and they made off at the side into the fields.

• Swan St - 17/08/2020 03:00 heard cracking noises and voices outside front door and door panels have been damaged

• King St - 20/8/20 0500 1730hrs unknown persons enter ground floor flat through insecure window and take £300 and trainers.

• Highgate Road - 20/8/20 at 21.15 when a bumper was stolen from a parked ford transit van.

The investigation into the appalling assault on 7th August at the Memorial Park is still ongoing. The police team are also aware of a few other incidents of damage at the park and they are teaming up with Charnwood Borough Council and the IMPACT team from Leicestershire County Council to engage with young people using the park.

Sileby continues to be a safe place to live, work and visit and these are the exceptions. Crime is down across the whole Charnwood Borough compared to 12 months ago.


We will be representing the village at the Plans Committee on Thursday regarding the Peashill Farm, Ratcliffe Road development. This is in relation to the appearance, scale, layout and landscaping in respect of the Outline Planning Application for the conversion of the existing farmstead and construction of new buildings.

Councillors are considering the possible impact of proposed changes to the National Planning Framework on our village and our Neighbourhood Plan. A key proposal is the identification of three categories of land: growth for substantial development; renewal for small scale development and diversification; and protected where there will be more stringent controls.

VJ Day

As promised we commemorated VJ Day with a small, quiet and dignified ceremony.

Village Phone Box

BT are considering removing the phone box due to lack of use. If you have views on this please let us know.

Sileby Brook

The Environment Agency have advised Jane Hunt, MP that work is progressing well and they are hopeful that they will be able to deliver some very tangible reductions in flood risk for Sileby. They have undertaken some modelling work which is suggesting that a Natural Flood Management scheme would deliver a good outcome. They have stressed the results are preliminary but they are promising. They believe that this scheme would not only reduce the flood risk but also enhance the local environment and potentially create a wetland habitat. They hope to have the information they need to progress the work by this Autumn.


The not so good news is we have had to make the sad decision that there will be no Christmas light switch on event this year. BUT CHRISTMAS IS NOT CANCELLED!! The good news is that we will still light up the village and do what we can to make Sileby look fantastically festive.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is on 03/09, 7.30pm via Zoom. All are welcome!!

Posted: Tue, 25 Aug 2020 13:00 by Julie Lovatt

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From Cllr Julie Jones - 14th August 2020

Hope you are all enjoying the good weather! It's too hot for me, I am more a winter person. Give me snow over sun any day!

Lots going on in the village at the moment and not all of it good I am afraid.


There has been an absolutely appalling attack on a young man in the basketball court at the Memorial Park. This was both a physical and racial attack. The police are obviously investigating this and are determined to find those responsible. They are trying to trace a male wearing a white Hugo Boss t-shirt who was around the Memorial Park at about 18.20 hours on Friday 7th August.

The man attacked was an A&E doctor who missed his shift because of his injuries. If you have any information about this, please do the decent thing and call 101 quoting crime reference 20*409347.

Whilst this has been deemed to be a random attack, it is absolutely unacceptable behaviour which is totally at odds with what residents expect in our peaceful village. We are grateful that our police team have increased their presence at the park.


King St remains a considerable concern. Our Borough Councillor, Pauline Ranson, provided an update at our last Council meeting. Basically nothing appeared to have moved forward. Councillors expressed their disappointment and it was suggested that patience with the system was required. We felt, after 2 years of little progress other than in the destruction of the building, that we had been patient enough!!! The latest information I have, hot off the press, is that it is expected that the latest application could be determined by Charnwood Borough Council Plans Committee as early as September 2020. Fingers crossed for a result that is not at odds with our Neighbourhood Plan.

Free Trade Inn Market

Really pleased that a solution has been reached to allow the market to continue. Great news and I am sure it will continue to be as popular as ever under its new name The Tuesday Food Court.


It is unlikely that we will be in a position to have our usual remembrance commemorations ,but we will certainly do what we can! Just a reminder that we would like more knitted poppies for our village displays. Packs are available for those who need them as well as a pattern. See the Parish Council website for more information.

VJ Day

We will be commemorating VJ Day in the same way we did for VE Day. Due to the current restrictions we will not be able to have a village event, but rest assured we will have a small, quiet and dignified ceremony.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is on Thursday 20th August 2020 at 7.30pm via Zoom. All are welcome!!

Posted: Fri, 14 Aug 2020 14:00 by Julie Lovatt

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From Cllr Julie Jones - 28th July 2020

Our second meeting in July went a little smoother than our first as we get more experienced with Zoom. Don't forget that these meetings are open for anyone to join and we have a slot on the agenda for villagers to comment on issues of interest or concern. You would be most welcome!!

It was a fairly brief meeting but some key issues were:


We welcomed Curtis, our new PCSO, to the meeting. Curtis gave an extremely helpful update on issues relating to crime in the village. Crime rates remain low and stable. Councillors remarked on how it really does feel like our Police team are 'on top of things' in the village which is very reassuring!


Councillors took time to consider the opportunity to respond to the public consultation regarding the proposal for 124 houses to be built on land in Cossington. Very little information was available other than a leaflet produced by the developer, so it was agreed to wait until a more specific planning application is made, should it be made!

Hidden Disability

Cllr. Andy Paling informed Councillors that free hidden disabilities sunflower lanyards are available at some supermarkets, so it's worth asking when you next shop if it would be helpful to you. The lanyards discretely indicate to people around you that you need additional support, help or a little more time. The sunflower lanyard has been adopted by major airports, many supermarkets, railway and coach stations, leisure facilities, fire and ambulance services and an increasing number of small local businesses. Councillors wondered whether it might be a helpful indication to shop staff as to why some people may not be wearing a face covering in stores.

Finally, a thank you to Alan Higgs who retires at the end of this month. Alan has been the Maintenance Technician for Sileby Parish Council for nearly 12 years. He has ensured our village is a well maintained, safe and lovely place to live and work, often going well over and above expectations to make it so. His contributions to our Remembrance and Christmas events helped make them the successes they've been. Sileby Parish Council thanks Alan for his service to our amazing village and wishes him well for the future. Enjoy a well deserved retirement!!

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is on 6th August at 7.30pm via Zoom. All are welcome!!

Posted: Tue, 28 Jul 2020 10:45 by Julie Lovatt

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From Cllr Mrs Julie Jones - July 2020

Well the Parish Council is back up and running and meeting via Zoom!

I'm finding writing this blog really quite difficult. Where do you start given what we've all been through and are still going through. Some of us are still struggling to come to terms with the new 'normal'. I'd like to offer my condolences to those of us that have lost family and friends to this horrific virus.

Parish councillors have continued to support local people through this extraordinary time and I know that has been appreciated.

So……… I'd like to just let you know that we are picking up some of the things that got put on hold at the height of the lockdown and give you an update on progress.


We have some vacancies for Parish Councillors. Like a lot of organisations, the lockdown has made us think about how we might do things differently and therefore attract interest from a wider community. Zoom meetings are likely to continue for the foreseeable future and then we may have the opportunity to mix both face to face and virtual meetings. This may be more attractive to those people who are interested in being a Parish Councillor but find always attending meetings in person difficult due to other commitments. If you're interested in getting more involved in village matters then please talk to one of the Councillors or to the Clerks who can be contacted on 01509 813075. There's lots of information on our website about being a Councillor but there's nothing like having a chat with one of us to get the real context!


Councillors have been allocated to the Flood Working Party which met recently to take stock. We are catching up with all of the relevant organisations to see where they are with the commitments made to Sileby. We then hope to meet again along with our Borough and County Councillors and our local MP to keep things moving forward.


Crime rates in the village remain low and stable. My thanks go out to our dedicated Police Officers and Community Support Officers for their continued diligence during these difficult times.


Sileby Parish Council remain concerned about 7 King St and have submitted our views in relation to the latest plans. Whilst we acknowledge that the amended plans removed the proposed two bungalows from the farmhouse garden, which is welcome, serious concerns remain about the integrity of the heritage and design statement. The Parish Council remains of the view that the proposed development will cause harm to an important building which is part of Sileby's heritage. We remain opposed to all of the current development proposals.

VJ Day

We will commemorate VJ Day in the same way we did for VE Day. Due to the current restrictions it will be a small, quiet and dignified ceremony.

Memorial Park

We have a couple issues we're getting concerned about which you maybe able to help us with;

- we've noticed that young children are being allowed to use the adult exercise equipment. We just want to remind people that the equipment is for adults and children above the age of 14 with a minimum height of 1.4m. Please take note of the signage to keep your children safe.

- We've become aware of a football team meeting to train on the park on a Wednesday evening without permission. We really need to get in touch with them as soon as possible and would be grateful if whoever is running this group could contact the Parish Office on 01509 813075 please. The park is getting damaged and we need to discuss how it's used urgently. We had re-seeded the pitches and they needed to be left unused as our authorised teams knew to do. We may now have to repeat this at additional costs to the parish.


Another disappointing issue is the significant dog fouling in our beautiful cemetery. We know the majority of dog walkers are responsible people who clear up after their pooches, unfortunately we have a growing number of irresponsible owners who are now impacting the ability of people to pay their respects without having to dodge piles of dog poo. Please have some respect and may I remind those folk that we do have CCTV at the cemetery and we will now be monitoring it!!

To end on a more positive note….. the flowers in the planters and baskets look absolutely gorgeous! They make the centre of the village an absolute pleasure to visit. Thank you Alan for your hard work!

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is on 16th July 2020, 7.30pm via Zoom. All are welcome! If you're unsure how to use Zoom please call the office and get some help. You can even just dial in and listen to what's going on if you'd prefer.

Posted: Fri, 10 Jul 2020 16:45 by Julie Lovatt

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From Cllr Mrs Julie Jones - January 2020

Just one meeting in January and it was good to catch up with the work to be done in the New Year!


It's disappointing that we still haven't received the promised report following the public meeting held last November. We are meeting with our new MP, Jane Hunt, this week and have asked her for support in obtaining the report so we can use it to guide the ongoing conversation with her about how to address our issues.


Lisa McNeill, our new PCSO, joined us to give an update on crime related issues in the village. There is a focus on vehicle crime which is very welcome.

There is going to be a Speed Watch arranged by the Police on our more problematic roads, again very welcome.

Beat surgeries are about to start and will be advertised shortly and there was a great police presence at the recent Neighbourhood Watch meeting. The message is still very much about signing up to the and reporting every incidence of crime and anti social behaviour.


A new planning application has been submitted in relation to 7 King St. Please take the time to have a look at this if you're able and to let Charnwood Borough Council have your thoughts.

Neighbourhood Plan

We are delighted that all of the hard work by so many people in the village has paid off and our Neighbourhood Plan is now made and adopted. Thank you to everyone who has played a part developing this fantastic plan.

There is now a period of six weeks when a legal challenge may be made so we're still on tenterhooks a little bit 🤞🤞

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is on 06 February, 7.30 in the Wesleyan Room at the Community Centre. All are welcome!

Posted: Mon, 20 Jan 2020 15:30 by Julie Lovatt

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From Cllr Mrs Julie Jones - December 2019

It was a fairly short meeting last night………..


We're still waiting for the report on the public meeting before deciding on what further action is required. We will chase this after Christmas and also ask for confirmation on when the brook will be dredged.


PC Stu Davis joined our meeting to give an update on police activity in the village. It really feels like Stu is making a huge difference in the village and really getting to grips with some of the issues we've been suffering for a long time. Stu explained that, as well as increased visibility in the village, he also wants to improve communication through twitter and so we get up to date messages about crime and police activity specific to Sileby. I know I'm repeating myself but the key message is still to report every instance of crime and anti-social behaviour and to sign up to .


The precept has been approved with an increase of 3.5%.


King St – We're still frustrated at the lack of activity in relation to restoring this building. The risk of more anti-social behaviour remains high and PC Stu is encouraging Charnwood Borough Council (CBC) and the developer to properly secure the building whilst the planning application is in progress. We are also submitting a letter of complaint to CBC about the length of time this process is taking in view of the danger it is posing to this important listed building.

Finally, our next meeting is on 16/01, 7.30 in the Wesleyan Room at the Community Centre. That just leaves me, on behalf of all at Sileby Parish Council, to which you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Posted: Fri, 20 Dec 2019 11:00 by Julie Lovatt

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From Cllr Mrs Julie Jones - November 2019

Our second meeting in November proved to be just as busy as the first…….


Although we were grateful to the various agencies for setting up and attending the public meeting I fear it left us all with more questions than answers. There was a lot of frustration around the lack of answers regarding the link between planning decisions and flooding. Information about future prevention also seemed a bit vague although we can expect the brook to be dredged before the end of the financial year to ensure water flow under the bridge is unrestricted. We're waiting for a report on the meeting to be sent to us before deciding on our next action but rest assured the conversation hasn't finished!!


Inspector Mark Botte joined us for part of the meeting. We were pleased to hear how his approach to policing our village involves a much more 'hands on' visible approach and, to be fair, we have already been experiencing this for a few weeks now which is most welcome. PC Stuart Davis is becoming well known as he gets out and about in the village. The key message is still to report every instance of crime and anti-social behaviour. We are also encouraged to sign up to to receive email alerts from the police about issues in our area. It's also a great source of information about how we can protect ourselves from becoming a victim of crime.

Neighbourhood Plan

The referendum results were:

Yes 920

No 104

Spoilt 6

Thank you to everyone who used the opportunity to vote. The overwhelming majority in favour means that our Sileby Neighbourhood Plan comes into effect. The only stage left is for it to go to Charnwood Borough Council's (CBC) cabinet meeting on 16/01/20 to be formally adopted into the planning system. This is really good news for the village.


King St – Anti-social behaviour continues to be an issue at this address. PC Stuart Davis is being extremely proactive but we are still waiting for CBC to advise on what can be done to finally move forward with resolving the delays in restoring this important building.

Land to the east of Seagrave Road (195 houses) – As I mentioned in my previous blog, we were concerned that mistakes had been made in the decision notice for this application and that the Sileby Neighbourhood Plan had not been correctly taken into account when making decisions. We've taken legal advice and have decided that the most cost effective way forward is the non-legal route. We are now putting together a formal complaint which we hope to present to CBC in the New Year. This will detail all of the instances over the last couple of years, and the extenuating circumstances, where we feel Sileby has received unfair treatment by CBC.

Christmas Lights Switch On

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend, I hope you had a really good evening. As usual the children sang beautifully and the stalls in the Community Centre provided a chance to buy or win some Christmas stocking fillers. The lights look fantastic as always!!

Finally, our last meeting of the year is on 19/12, 7.30 in the Wesleyan Room at the Community Centre, all are welcome so please come along to hear village issues being debated. There is also an opportunity to voice any issues or concerns you may have should you wish. I'd also like to take this opportunity to invite you to consider whether you might wish to be a Parish Councillor. We have vacancies so if you'd like more information please contact the Clerk on 01509 813075.

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From Cllr Mrs Julie Jones - November 2019

Well the first meeting in November had a very full agenda as we move into what feels like a very busy period for the Parish Council.


The public meeting is now set up for 6.30 on 28/11 at the Community Centre. This will be an opportunity for you to discuss issues with the relevant agencies in attendance and also get some advice for the future.

Please note, there are meetings being held in both Sileby and Cossington (18/11) and it's important to attend the one relevant to where you live. We've been advised that there are different reasons for the flooding in the two villages even though they are closely located. So, if you live in Sileby there is likely to be no benefit in attending the Cossington meeting and visa versa.

Neighbourhood Plan

The referendum is now underway and you have the chance to vote yes or no to accepting the Sileby Neighbourhood Plan. This will determine whether or not Charnwood Borough Council (CBC) will adopt the plan to help it decide planning applications in Sileby.


King St – We asked CBC for an update and they have confirmed that they still currently have an outstanding application and are awaiting further details from the developer. We have again expressed our concern at the length of time this is taking given a listed building is being allowed to deteriorate. We have also reiterated our keenness for the wall to be restored asap!

Peashill Farm, Ratcliffe Road – We are currently studying the Reserved Matters Application for the building of 170 houses and an additional full application for 31 more houses on the site. We'll be agreeing this response at our meeting on 05/12 so come along if you're interested in this issue.

Land to the east of Seagrave Road (195 houses) – We are concerned that mistakes have been made in the decision notice for this application and that the Sileby Neighbourhood Plan has not been correctly taken into account when making the decision. Unfortunately, the only way we can now challenge this is via a Judicial Review which, as you can imagine, is very costly. So we're left in the unenviable position of having to accept a decision we strongly believe to be incorrect or spend a lot of money trying to get it corrected. We are currently deciding whether or not to get some legal advice on this issue which in itself is also quite expensive.

Bus Service

I'm conscious of the issues being voiced regarding what feels like a deteriorating service in the village. Along with other councillors, I will be putting this issue to the Head of Service for Highways and Transport Commissioning at Leicestershire County Council at the next meeting of the Joint Soar Valley Parish Councils on 20/11. We'll also be discussing the issues around the No.27 Roberts service.

Councillor's Attendance

We now publish a meeting attendance record on our website in line with other councils.


The village remembered in style again!! The knitted poppies on Martin's Walk looked amazing and the trees lit up red looked stunning. The service on the Memorial Park on Sunday was its usual dignified and humbling ceremony. It was a great privilege to lay a wreath on behalf of the Parish Council.

Christmas Lights Switch On

The date for your diary is 29/11. This year will be slightly different as the Community Centre will be open from 5.30 for you to visit the stalls and the lights will be switched on at 6.30. This is so we can ensure you have a great experience with less overcrowding. It's going to be a FANTASTIC night!!

Finally, the next meeting of the Parish Council is on 21/11, 7.30 in the Wesleyan Room at the Community Centre, all are welcome so please come along to hear village issues being debated. There is also an opportunity to voice any issues or concerns you may have should you wish.

Posted: Tue, 12 Nov 2019 11:28 by Julie Lovatt

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From Cllr Mrs Julie Jones - October 2019

Well it's been quite a while since I did my last blog which is not good!! So... being a fairly analytical person I gave some thought to why that was and decided to make some changes. I started the blog as a way to let people know what was going on in the Parish Council so they didn't have to trawl through fairly dry minutes and agendas. To ensure that happens I have decided to take a less random approach to the timing of my blog and do one after each fortnightly meeting. So here goes...


Immediately following the floods, Parish Councillors met with the Resilience Officer for Charnwood Borough Council to review what happened and why. We have also had a meeting with Nicky Morgan, the Environment Agency (EA) and the Police. A public meeting is being arranged that will include all of the relevant councils and agencies. We will hold this in the Community Centre with the intention of giving people the opportunity to share their experiences, understand why it happened and get advice as to how we might protect ourselves in the future. The EA explained to me that it was totally down to the volume of rain in a very short space of time and the ground being unable to cope. They confirmed that there were no blockages anywhere and nor were any 'gates' opened elsewhere sending a deluge to Sileby. The silt in the brook didn't contribute to the problem on this occasion but the EA are going to clear it so it doesn't cause problems in the future. They are also going to review the back up of water on the surrounding fields. I'm sure there'll be lots of views on this issue all of which can be aired at the meeting being arranged. We've been successful in securing a grant of £20,000 from the Regional Flood Risk Committee to carry out a study on what can be done to prevent flooding in the future which is good news.

Charnwood Borough Council's Draft Local Plan

I can't begin to describe how furious we are with this plan albeit a draft plan. Despite Charnwood Borough Council (CBC) leading the objection to the Barnards Drive development of 228 new houses only a few weeks ago, they have included it in this plan as a potential development site. We had a very disappointing meeting with CBC which basically boiled down to the fact that if they cannot find another place to site those houses then they will need the development to ensure their housing targets are met. You'll see from the notice we put on our website that we have requested a meeting with our Borough Councillors to support the Parish Council response to the plan when it comes out for consultation; we are awaiting a response. We are also making Nicky Morgan aware of our concerns.

Please make your views known on this when the consultation starts. This is currently proposed to be between 4/11 and 16/12.

Neighbourhood Plan

In view of the above it may feel like CBC have completely ignored the existence of the Neighbourhood Plan and its advanced progress. The key message is that whilst it may seem to have been an absolute waste of time and money the Neighbourhood Plan is still very worthwhile for Sileby and now following examination has significant planning weight in both strategic and local plan making and decisions. If adopted it will have full weight and form part of CBC development plans. The referendum to decide wether or not to adopt Sileby Neighbourhood Plan will take place on November 21st, residents will receive ballot details shortly from CBC. For more information please look at our website or contact one of your Parish Councillors.


I met up with our new Inspector, Mark Botte, who is very keen to engage with us and will be invited to a Parish Council meeting shortly. He's also in the process of reinvigorating what was Neighbourhood Watch so we can all play more of a part in reducing crime in our village. Please sign up online to to receive alerts, news and advice.

We are also arranging a drug awareness event for the village. We will have a speaker to give an overview of substance use in our area and what to look out for; Mark will also attend to talk about what is happening to combat drug related activity in our village. I'll let you know when a date has been agreed.

Finally, don't forget that you are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings either to air a view or concern or just to hear what's going on. The next meeting is at 7.30 on 07/11 in the Community Centre's Wesleyan Room.

Posted: Mon, 21 Oct 2019 11:00 by Julie Lovatt

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From Cllr Mrs Julie Jones - May 2019


MAY 2019

Well it's Spring, soon to be summer, and as I write this it's raining! It can only get better!! We're through the election period now and your Parish Council is getting ready for another year of work in our fabulous village.

We've got a number of ambitious plans firming up. The Neighbourhood Plan is with Charnwood Borough Council awaiting an independent review before hopefully proceeding to a village vote to see if there is a majority in favour. This has the potential to be a strong support to us in our efforts to control the expansion of the village which I know is important to a lot of people. As well as, of course, mapping out our plans to improve and develop Sileby to be a great place to live and work over the coming years. We're also at the point of getting some expert advice as to how we might develop the Pavilion on the Memorial Park to enable it to be used by more people and in a more flexible way. Most importantly we want to make it available for a wider range of activities for the young people in the village. If you're particularly interested in this aspect then The Sileby Project is holding a Youth Club Planning Meeting on 17th May, 7.00 – 9.00pm at the Pavilion and needs volunteers to bring ideas for getting an Open Event ready for the Sileby Youth Club.

Your Parish Councillors are acutely conscious of concerns about crime and anti-social behaviour in the village. We have been working with our Police Officers and Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) to ensure we work together effectively to reduce incidents. I'm conscious that there have been a couple of particularly upsetting incidents recently. Please be assured that all of our CCTV cameras are working and are maintained extremely well. If ever they do break down then they are repaired as a matter of urgency by our security providers. The cameras are situated in the following locations:

  • Sileby Convenience Store where Swan St meets Ratcliffe Road
  • Pavilion on the Memorial Park
  • Tescos, High St
  • King Street Car Park
  • Parish Council Office, High St
  • King St/High St
  • Cemetery

Councillors met with NHW and our Police Sergeant to pull together a strategy that ensures we are all aware of our respective responsibilities. The strategy will further ensure that the things we are supporting, like the Neighbourhood Plan and The Sileby Project, will contribute to a reduction in anti-social behaviour in the village. We'll publish the strategy shortly but in the meantime there's one important thing we can all do and that is to report each and every instance of crime and anti-social behaviour to the Police. This is critical to us influencing the level of Police support we get in the village. It's also a gateway to other support services from the Police and Leicestershire County Council. You can report via the non emergency line 101 or online.

As I've already mentioned, future expansion of the village is an important issue to a lot of people. On this point please be aware that the appeal against the Barnards Road development is to be held in Loughborough from 6th August and could go on over a few days. I'll let you have more details nearer the time but if you could spare some time to come along it would be welcome. It really helps to show the strength of feeling in the village.

Your Parish Councillors are passionate about improving the quality of life in Sileby and we need to know what's important to you so don't forget that you're welcome to join us at our fortnightly meetings. See our website for dates and agendas etc.

Finally, Sileby Parish Council was successful in securing a substantial lottery grant to provide a free Sports Holiday Club at the Memorial Park for 5 – 12 year olds. Again, check out the website for details or contact the Parish Office. It should be fantastic! Qualified sports coaches will coach various sports and activities including football, tennis, athletics, cricket, boxercise, dodgeball, gymnastics, dance and lots more fun games. Not to be missed!!

Lot's going on!! Enjoy!!

Posted: Thu, 09 May 2019 11:57 by Rosemary Richardson

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