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Update - Sileby Brook Pollution Report - Incident Ref Number 1964738


I can confirm that in response to the initial report we took steps to minimise the impact of what appeared to be oil on the watercourse by deploying oil absorbent pads. We have since disposed of and replaced spent absorbents and installed a more resilient supplementary oil boom. We have also been investigating the source of the oil pollution with a view to ensuring it is stopped and preventing a reoccurrence.

Our investigations included visits to and discussions with the owners/operators a number of potential pollution sources in the vicinity including the Hayhill Industrial Estate and gypsum works and we've been in contact with Network Rail. The culverted nature of parts of the watercourse and potential inputs from various parts of the surface water drainage system has proved challenging but we have also received assistance from Severn Trent Water Ltd in our investigations.

We submitted water samples taken from the watercourse to our National Laboratory Service, the results confirmed the pollutant to be red diesel.

Furthermore, I am pleased to confirm that following our continued investigations, we believe we have located the source of the pollution and are receiving full cooperation from the party concerned to address the issue, including completing the necessary clean-up works. At this stage we are unable to divulge further details for legal reasons. I would like to assure you, your constituents and their other elected representatives that our investigations and follow up actions will seek to recover our costs, consistent with the 'Polluter pays' principle, and will take the actions we consider are appropriate to prevent a recurrence.

In the event that the incident appears to have worsened or other incidents falling within our remit are observed, this can be reported via our 24 hour Incident Hotline (0800 807060).

If you would like any further information regarding this matter please contact our Customers and Engagement team via

Posted: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 12:40 by Julie Lovatt

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